Frequently Asked Question.

Match That app is designed to be user-friendly, convenient, and save you money on unnecessary purchases. If you have any questions that are not listed below, please contact us at info@thematchthatapp.com . We will gladly answer any questions or concerns.

  • Can I download the app to another device?

    Yes, once you have purchased the app, you will be able to access it from any mobile device by
    downloading and signing into your account.

  • Will I be able to share my account with others?

    No, the app cannot be transferred to another person. Each user must have their own account.

  • Can I send to or receive photos from someone without an active Match That app account?

    No, In order for the features of the app to work properly, all photos must be taken, sent and
    received using the app.

  • What mobile devices are compatible with the app?

    IPhone version IOS 10 or higher, IPads version 13.6 or higher, Android version OS 8 or higher, and
    select rear facing camera tablets.

  • Will the app be available anywhere other than Apple & Android platforms?

    Yes, we are working to get The Match That app partnered with some of your favorite brands.

  • Can I retrieve photos after I delete my account?

    No, once your account is deleted none of your photos are saved.

  • Does the app compare prices?


  • Will the app help me find an item I am looking for?


  • Does the app give any other information about a product besides the color?

    No, the app is designed to match the color of a product only.

  • Will I be able to access the app if I get a new phone?

    Yes, simply download the app on your new phone and sign into your account.

  • Is there a subscription to keep the app active?

    No, the onetime fee to purchase the app is the only cost.

  • Does the app only color match clothing?

    No, the Match That plus app can color match just about anything in your home as well.

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