Features & Pricing

Basic Plan

Features for “Match That” This basic version of the app
is designed for the occasional user.

Price Point : $ 2.99

  • Save up to 10 photos of items to color match

  • Select type of item

  • View and match 2 items side by side.

  • Percentage from 0-99% on colors matched

  • Share photos of items to contacts with Match That app

Premium Plan

Features for “Match That Plus”. This premium version of the app is designed for the more fashionable user. Makeup, lipstick, nail polish, select jewelry, All features of basic Match That, plus 6 added features

Price Point : $ 5.99

  • Save 10 extra photos for a total of 20 items to color match

  • View and match up to 4 items side by side

  • Select fabric/materials types

  • Includes color matching for makeup, lip stick, nail polish, select jewelry

  • View an item in different colors (for viewing colors to complement main color)

  • View same color in different fabrics.

Fabric Types: Cotton, Denim, Silk, Leather, Linen, Suede, Cashmere, Rayon, Polyester

Also included in premium Match That plus version

The “Home Version” is designed to color match just about anything in your home. Never second guess if the new comforter set you purchased will match the bedroom carpet again!

This version will be used with same basic concept as the other versions of the app, however items such as kitchen & bath tiles, select appliances, blinds, furniture, curtains, carpets, throw rugs, towels, comforters, colorful silverware, and paints will be matched instead.

Materials types: Wood, Metal, Stone, Plastic, Granite, Steel, Rubber, Glass, Tin, and Porcelain.

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